Please read the following carefully before placing an online order

to ensure full understanding of our process. 

To limit the amount of contact we have with people outside of our home, we have decided on the following method to keep ourselves and our customers healthy. 

Orders can be placed online at anytime online.  Orders are packaged on Saturdays and delivered on Sundays. 

Orders received Monday - Friday will be processed for delivery on Sunday of that week. Orders from Saturday and Sunday will be processed for delivery the following week. 
We will only be making deliveries within Clark County
Orders placed with addresses outside of county limits will be canceled and refunded.

Payments will be processed online only.
We will not be taking cash payments for safety reasons.   
If you have a gift card please contact us via email as we will have to process your order differently. 

We will be hand delivering and picking up orders at no cost. All deliveries and pick ups will take place on Sundays. 
We will drop orders on door steps. Once you are done painting your piece(s) let us know via email and we will put you on the pick up list for the next available Sunday. Be sure that your items are bagged and on your door step for us to pick up as early as 9 AM on Sunday. Pick up and drop off times will vary based on our route schedule for the day so be sure to have your items out in the morning to ensure they get collected. If for some reason you do not have your items out for us to collect you will have to wait until the next available Sunday. We will fire completed project and return them to your door step the following Sunday. Please note that this is a minimum of a 3 week process from start to finish. You can, of course, take as long as you would like with your project. Simply let us know when you are finished and we'll arrange for pick up. 

***Please Note that Each kit will include only what you order.***

***Product orders do not include brushes, trays, or glaze.***
We have offered paint trays and brushes from our studio (used but still lots of life in them) at significantly reduced prices.  Glaze bottles are 2 ounces each and each bottle has enough glaze to work on several projects when used correctly.  Glaze, when kept in ideal conditions, can have a shelf life of 5+ years.  You are welcome to use your own brushes if you have them as long as they have not been used in oil based paints.  It's important to remember that oils, food, lotion, makeup etc. will ruin your project so be sure to always paint with clean hands and materials.

Please also give the Paint at Home Guide a read through before starting the painting process.  
Low fire ceramic bisque has been fired to maturity and is a great canvas for many kinds of mediums.  If you would prefer to paint your project with acrylic, oil, watercolor, spray paint etc.  please feel free to simply purchase the bisque pieces you'd like and we'll deliver to you like any other order.  Please keep in mind though the most non-fired mediums are not food safe and if they are going outdoors they will require a seal coat once finished to avoid damage to your art. 

As always please feel free to email us if you have any questions.  We try to answer emails within 24 hours.  If for some reason you don't hear from us promptly please give us another shout on occasion emails get lost in the inbox clutter.