We love what we do!!!

Our studio is family-owned and has been a member of the Clark County community for over 20 years. Danielle and Addi bought the studio 8 years ago and with the help of Danielle's son Alexandre, our dear friend and former EGF owner Julie, a handful of faithful supporters and, of course, our supportive and enthusiastic fans, Earth, Glaze & Fire continues to grow and thrive!

The world without art really is "eh...."  We believe it is essential that ALL humans have a place to play and that hand-making stuff is really cool!!!

Thank you for choosing to visit us! Have fun!


Yep, it’s true – our studio DOES NOT import, we are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

  • We proudly purchase our clay locally

  • Our glazes (Made in the U.S.A.) are sold by a local favorite in Portland, OR, Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay

  • And absolutely everything is produced in our studio, the old-fashioned way: hard work!

You may be interested to know:

  1. Clay is clay (low-fire, mid-range/stoneware & high-fire)

  2. Low-fire and stoneware clay is produced in both a solid (slab) and a liquid (slip) type. We use low-fire slip to produce our pieces and slab for our hand-building clay night activities.

  3. Low-Fire clay is called “earthenware”

  4. Low-Fire clay is just clay (or earthenware) until it is fired for the first time at a temperature of 1,700°- 1,800° for a full 24-hour cycle.

  5. After this first firing, low-fire clay (or earthenware) is now bisque. Bisque is what you come to Earth, Glaze & Fire (EGF) to paint!

  6. Bisque that has been painted with ceramic glaze and then fired (for the second time) at ˜1,600° for a full 24-hour cycle becomes ceramic.

  7. It is estimated that every single piece of bisque made in our studio will be handled up to a dozen times before it is handed over to you for its journey home!

  8. Ceramic pieces can be re-fired!!! Yep, it’s true! For example: a white mug that is your three-year old’s masterpiece and is now showing signs of age (and those coffee stains inside are making this mug the LAST choice among those in the cabinet)…IS restorable; a re-fire will literally renew ceramic pieces to their original luster! 

  9. Recreational and professional ceramic enthusiasts are enjoying many exciting advances in the glaze formulas available today! Contemporary ceramic glazes are incredibly user-friendly! Mayco® and Duncan® ceramic glazes are both used at EGF! 

  10. Once upon a time, if you wanted to paint something on your bisque in RED, it would have to be fired before any other colors were used (dark blues and greens are said to have required individual firings also). Before glazes were improved a single piece of bisque may have had a half-dozen or more firings before it was complete.

  11. Gold and mother-of-pearl are fired in a “cool kiln.” A cool kiln is considered ˜1,000° – 1,300°.

  12. EGF has a modest collection ˜6,000 molds from which we cast all of our bisque pieces; of these, a great number of them are vintage dating back to the 1950's!!!

  13. Anyone who does this is bat-shit crazy!!!! Danielle and Addi are NO EXCEPTION!