Story & Craft Hour! 


Join Ms. Julie for a mid morning story time and craft! Once a month we will host a story time and follow the reading with some ceramic painting! The ceramic item is pre-selected by us to correlate with the story. We allot about 30 min to ready the story and 30 min to paint though time may vary based on group inter-activeness and interest in the painting process itself.

This event is primarily for little folks ages 3 to 6. though we welcome all ages.

Fee: $5.00 per child.

We hand make each project to align with our story of the month.  Because of this we will only guarantee that we will have enough product for those who RSVP at least 1 week prior to each event.  Late RSVP's and walk-ins are welcome but there may not be enough project pieces for those folks.  So please plan ahead when possible. 

Valentines Day Clay Workshop! 

Come make a valentine that will last

a life time with your valentine!
We'll be making little envelops

and heart shaped notes to go inside.
This is a great beginner workshop. We anticipate this workshop will take about 45 min to an hour but the more embellishment and details you decide to add can increase the time this event may take.

Fee: $20 per person

We will be running this event all day so you can select your time slot when you RSVP
Open to ages 10+