Is there an age limit?

At Earth, Glaze & Fire we believe that everyone is an artist; an artist is an artist no matter how small, after all.  That said we don't put an age limit on general painting but we do have some age restrictions for special events such as clay night and workshops.  In most cases children under the age 6 have about a 20-30 minute attention span for this type of activity. So we recommend that supervising adults do NOT plan on painting but rather keeping a watchful eye on their little person and assist them as needed.  Children ages 7+ usually do pretty well with minimal adult intervention but we do still require all minors to have a supervising adult with them at all times. 


How much does it cost?

This is a tough question to answer as we have such a vast amount of inventory.  Our items range from about $5.00 to $80.00.  Small magnet sized items are approximately $4-$6, mugs and plates are in the $26-$30 range, larger platters and popcorn bowls can run $50-$80 and are special order only.  4"-6" figurines are generally between $12-$20 while larger items are $20 and up. 


Do I need an appointment?

No, in-fact we don't even take appointments. We are a walk in only studio. 


Do I need to bring anything?

We provide you with aprons, paint, and brushes.  We have a small selection of books for inspiration and ideas, but we recommend that if you have a specific design in mind that you bring a photo/image with you.  We DO NOT supply stamps or stencils, though you can use them with this medium. If you would like to use stamps or stencils on your project you are more than welcome to do so but you will need to bring them from home. We also request that if you are painting with a little one or a group that spans multiple ages that you bring quiet activities for young children as they will inevitably finish long before everyone else.


How much time should I give myself to finish a project?

This is another tough one.  Everyone is different and while some people are quick in and out painters, others may sit for several hours/sessions before completing an item.  But on average we recommend that if you are new to our studio and/or have no idea what you would like to paint, that you give yourself 20-30 min to wander and choose from our thousands of pieces and then a minimum of 1 hour to paint.  Most first-timers need about 2 hours start to finish.


Can I rent kiln space?

We do not rent kiln space.  However, Georgie's Ceramics & Clay in North Portland does at a very reasonable rate. 

Can I bring back items for repair?

If you painted or made a ceramic piece at OUR STUDIO, we are happy to asses the repair to your piece(s). Items with cracks or the that have been shattered cannot be repaired/re-fired.  However, items with small chips or dings can easily be restored at minimal cost. Items will need to be brought in to our kiln operator for inspection and quote. 



















Know Before You Go:

(A quick guide to our studio do's & don'ts so there's no surprises)


* We DO NOT allow food or drink in our studio. Please do all of your snacking before or after you visit.


* All items are priced as marked.  Painting at our studio is truly the price on the piece plus tax.  No other fees, EVER!


We have a strict 2-week hold policy for finished items.  For example: if you paint on a Friday, your item will be ready for pick up the following Saturday.  We will hold your order for two weeks from the first available pick-up day.  The date stamped on your receipt is your last available day to pick up.  After two weeks items are donated to Re-tails.


* We have a "you-break-it, you-buy-it" policy, so, if you are the bull in a china shop type or have little handsy folks accompanying you, please exercise caution when you come to our studio as all of our products are breakable.


* We do not allow you to mix your colors in your paint pallets. This means that little people will need extra supervision.   Handlers of said tiny humans will be expected to monitor paint distribution and use throughout the entire painting process. Staff will discuss glaze usage and conservation in detail before you begin painting. 


* Cell Phone-Free Zone.  We understand that in this technological age, completely ditching your phone can be difficult; if you need to take or make a phone call we ask that you do so outside of our studio as it is very disruptive to other guests.  Additionally, we invite you to bring headphones if you would like to listen to a personal music device, tablet or handheld gaming unit.  Most guests don't want to hear Mario Cart sound effects or the latest episode of Thomas the Tank Engine or Game of Thrones while they are painting.  So, again please utilize headphones as needed or bring quiet forms of entertainment for kiddos who may finish early. 


* Sorry we do not allow pets in our studio. Registered service animals with the appropriate identification are always welcome.







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