Ceramic bisque is extremely porous and will take on any kind of moisture its exposed to.  This includes oils, grease, lotion, makeup, food etc. Because of the nature of this medium we strongly recommend that you wash your hands, brushes and paint trays with warm soapy water prior to each use.  You should also ensure that your work space is clean and free of potential hazards to your project. Failure to do so could result in irreparable damage to your project.  Earth Glaze and Fire is not responsible for unsatisfactory finished product as a result of mishandling, breakage, glaze mixing, or contact with hazardous material. Please read and follow the directions below to ensure success. 

How To Properly Apply Ceramic Glaze:

1. Wash hands and work in a clean, dry workplace free from food and oil-based products

2. Place small amount of each GLAZE in desired well(s) of your paint tray. (please note that paint will dry out over time so small amounts at a time is best.)

3. GLAZE is best applied using 2-3 THIN coats and allowing each coat to DRY THOROUGHLY before applying
additional coats. (GLAZE is dry when it transforms from “shiny” to “dull and chalky” and is room temperature to the touch rather than cool.)

4. Apply lightest GLAZE colors to your project FIRST then apply darker colors. (It will appear that lighter colors will cover darker ones but when fired the darker colors will come through.  So working light to dark is key.)

5. Any areas that are unpainted with be shiny white after firing.

6. Allow your project to dry thoroughly (overnight is best) before wrapping for pick-up and processing.


Q: Can I paint the bottom of the piece (name, date or other)?

Q: How long do I have to paint my piece before I have to return it?

A: There is no time limit.  You may keep and work on your item for as long as you'd like.  If you need additional glaze colors just place a new order with the colors you'd like and we will deliver them on the next available delivery day. 

Q: Can GLAZE be removed from the project?
A: Yes. Removal of a GLAZING “mistake” should be done carefully with a lightly damp sponge
or Q-Tip. Do not wash the paint off the piece. Saturating or washing your piece will result in the items being too wet to successfully glaze it for 24-48 hours. Painting on saturated bisque will result in streaky glaze finishes that are unpredictable and often unappealing. 

Q: Can I layer colors?
A: Yes. For best results ALWAYS apply light colors first and follow with darker colors and ALWAYS allow coats to
dry before applying additional coats regardless of color.

Q: Can left over GLAZE be returned to the container?
A: YES! We encourage you to “RE-USE” any UN-MIXED GLAZE. Simply use a clean brush to sweep left
over GLAZE to its original bottle.

Q: Can we mix GLAZE colors?
A: We discourage GLAZE mixing in all settings. GLAZE differs from other craft paint because it is baked at
1,800 degrees for up to ten hours; untested color combinations often produce disappointing results. That said the colors you purchase from us are yours to keep and you are welcome to mix them at your own risk should you choose.  

Q: If I break my project will I be refunded or can the item be replaced?
A: We do not offer a refund if the breakage is a result of customer mishap. We hand-pour ALL of our pieces and production time can vary; we will make every attempt to offer a replacement piece on your next delivery, at your cost.

Q: Will GLAZE stain surfaces or clothing?
A: NO. Ceramic GLAZE is water soluble and easily washes out of fabric and smooth surfaces.

Q: Can I paint my bisque with something other than GLAZE?

A: No (see below)

Q: Can I purchase bisque pieces to paint with acrylics?

A: Yes you can but we won't be offering any discount for bisque purchases.